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Governor Information


Chair of Governors - Kishor Mistry

Vice Chair of Governors - Monica Patel

Clerk to the Governors - Nicki Parker

Governing Matters should be addressed to Nicki Parker c/o Wembley High Technology College, East Lane, North Wembley HA0 3NT.

a) Governors linked to Subject Areas:

English  - Kishor Mistry ,  Science - Emma Vernalls,  Maths - Teermala Ramgoolam, Art/Graphics - Chris Caulkin, Geography - Helen Pollendine ,  Religious Studies - Kishor Mistry,  History - Jim Moher ,  Music - Bhavik Shah,  6th Form - Monica Patel,  SEND - Teermala Ramgoolam, Safeguarding/Child Protection - Monica Patel and Health and Safety - Helen Pollendine

b) Governors linked to Committees:

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Chris Caulkin , Jim Moher , Helen Pollendine , Hitanshu Bhattacharjee,Teermala Ramgoolam, Bhavik Shah, Gill Bal

PREMISES COMMITTEE: Chris Caulkin, Jim Moher , Helen Pollendine, Hitanshu Bhattacharjee,Teermala Ramgoolam, Bhavik Shah, Gill Bal

CURRICULUM COMMITTEE: Kishor Mistry, Monica Patel,  Pamela Pillay, Teermala Ramgoolam,Bhavik Shah, Emma Vernalls, Gill Bal

c) Governors categories:

COMMUNITY GOVERNORS: Chris Caulkin, Jim Moher, Helen Pollendine,

PARTNERSHIP GOVERNORS: Kishor Mistry, Monica Patel

STAFF GOVERNORS: Pamela Pillay, Hitanshu Bhattacharjee

PARENT GOVERNORS: Teermala Ramgoolam, Bhavik Shah, Emma Vernalls


Finance Information

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