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Academic Ethos

The success of Wembley High Technology College is based on a strong ethos and a clear mission:

We provide a structured, disciplined working environment in which every student receives high-quality teaching and achieves his or her full potential. The School is first and foremost a learning community, which is reflected in its strong work ethic. There is a high standard of teaching across the curriculum with a particular focus on English, Mathematics and the Sciences.

The College has an established an excellent reputation for our strong focus on academic excellence. Over the last five years we have been the highest-achieving non-denominational school in Brent. In addition, Wembley High Technology College has been awarded membership of the London Schools Gold Club 2014 and the Schools Minister David Laws has recently singled out Wembley High as the only school in the country to achieve all three benchmarks.

The school was awarded outstanding in the last Ofsted report: ’Wembley High Technology College is a really outstanding place to be. This popular and heavily oversubscribed school offers all its students the chance to succeed and they clearly know and appreciate it….This is because of an unrelenting determination to maximise the life chances of students in the school. Everything is done to remove barriers to learning”.

The Primary School will have strong links with excellence achieved in the high school and this ethos will be instilled in the primary school. Our Primary School pupils will be on the road to success from a very early age. There will be a consistency in leadership and management, a shared set of values and goals which provide a strong framework for the development of our Primary pupils.