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Advantages of All-through

The advantages of all-through education

There are many benefits of an all-through education:

• Being able to support a child, knowing them well as learners, from age 4 onwards;

• Having all the schools phases (key stages 1 to 5) working together to track the children’s progress from age 4 to age 18;

• Creating a shared educational ethos that supports children from 4-18 and provides consistently high expectations for all;

• Enabling primary age pupils to access the secondary phase specialisms, resources and facilities more easily;

• Accommodating a wider breadth of activities for the Gifted and Talented pupils;

• Having a wide range of ‘out of school’ activities that benefit from greater resources and can be interest rather than age related;

• Addressing the ‘dips’ in learning usually associated with transitions and transfers from school to school and;

• Providing greater opportunities for staff development and learning from new ways of doing things.

We will ensure your child receives the best quality education possible. The highest possible standards of pastoral care and support will be in place to increase achievement and to ensure a smooth transition throughout your child’s journey throughout the College. Our all-through College will eliminate the regression in student performance which is common when pupils transfer from one school to another. We aim to promote very high levels of progress through the consistent approach of our support systems.

The experience of an all through education builds a community where children feel part of a larger school community from the beginning of their education. The Primary School will adopt the ethos of the established College and will mirror the ethos to provide primary school students with a highly academic education which has a particular focus on English, mathematics and the sciences.

There will seemless collaboration between leadership of the Primary School and the main College to further ensure outstanding pupil progress. There will be thorough monitoring to focus on a student’s specific needs.

The College will always appoint the best qualified staff to deliver the highest quality of teaching and learning across the whole organisation.