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Our aim is to provide all students with a personalised curriculum that provides them with the keys to unlock their potential and secure their futures. We want university to be an aspiration for all our students. For example, our students have gained places at the most prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to study medicine.

We offer a broad education that promotes excellence in all academic activities. It is our aim to enhance the educational, social and physical development of our students encouraging them to think analytically and creatively in preparation for the next stage of their education. We aim to provide a safe and challenging environment that recognises individual strengths of students.

We strive to foster equality and personal responsibility to encourage children to be responsible and committed.

The Primary School is committed to:

Providing learning environments that are stimulating, safe and caring. This ensures that academic success is marked by respect for the rights of others and development of personal responsibility;

Supporting students and their families;

Fostering independent thinking, critical analysis and an appreciation and understanding of difference of opinion;

Recognising the value, hard work and perseverance of all children;

Promoting positive interpersonal relationships and;

Instilling a desire for life-long learning.

The Primary School encourages students to:

Develop a strong set of problem solving strategies;

Think critically;

Develop knowledge and skills to apply to new situations or tasks;

Work hard;

Develop an awareness of the international community and;

Take action as a result of the learning process.

We are proud of our diversity and encourage our students to be considerate individuals that celebrate diversity and are, at all times, kind and respectful towards each other.

There will be a continuity of curriculum as your child moves through the school as this ensures there is a seamless transition between key stages to facilitate progression in learning.