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Easter 2020

It's now the Easter holidays. Most importantly, we hope you are all well and keeping safe. This is an important time for you to rest and relax after the last few weeks which will have been difficult for everyone as we adjust to the new normal.  

Some pupils and parents may want some work to do over the holidays to help pass the time. Therefore, below we have provided some for you but it is entirely OPTIONAL. It is entirely up to you if you wish to complete it. You can submit it to you teacher if you wish or in some cases the answers will be available for you to check the work yourself.   

Remember to get in touch with someone at the school if you need any help with anything or have any concerns you would like to discuss. You can contact your subject teachers, Year Leader,  Mr Jeffery ( or Ms Lee ( with any questions or concerns (even if they are about someone else at the school)  

We have some exciting maths investigations for you to get stuck into over the Easter Holidays. All of the investigation resources have been saved on Google Drive. Click on your year group to find out what they are: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 & 10. If you have any questions, please email your teacher. 

Year 12 students will have been emailed by their teacher with Exam Papers to complete. 

Year 7

1. Surface area and volume:

2. Pythagoras' Theorem:


Year 8


1. Surface area and volume:

2. Pythagoras' Theorem:


Rest of Year 8:

1. Surface area and volume:

2. Pythagoras' Theorem:


Year 9 & 10

1. T-totals: Open the PowerPoint file first as it will explain the investigation. 

2. Towers of Hanoi: Open the Word file with "investigation" at the end first as it will contain the instructions. 

We will upload solutions to these investigations on to Google Drive near the end of the holidays, so make sure you check back to see how you did!