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20th April 2020

Welcome to another week of online learning!  Most importantly, we hope you are all well and keeping safe. Remember to get in touch with your subject teachers if you have any concerns or need any help. You can also contact your Year Leader, Mr Jeffery or Ms Lee with any questions or concerns.

This week’s work is below for your classes. You should also check your emails as some additional instructions from teachers may be sent. The amount of time you should spend on the work should be roughly the same as you would do in school during this week.

Remember to get in touch with your teachers if you have any concerns or need any help with the work. If you can’t do it for whatever reason this week (or only do a part of it), just let your teacher know.

All Music work for this week is detailed below, as always, if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher.

  • Mr Robert:
  • Mr Gillespie:

Year 7

Hope you're all well - this is Mr Robert and Mr Gillespie here.

If you would like feedback then please email us the work by 3:00pm next Tuesday 28th April.

Watch this video:

Do what it said in the video with this link:

Watch the rest of the video and do the following tasks (explained in the video).

Your four tasks:

  • Task 1: answer questions on page 1
  • Task 2: listen carefully to this video and fill in answers on page 2
  • Task 3: Chromelab practical task – listen to instructions and watch the demonstration later in the video.
  • Task 4: Complete Schubert’s Facebook Profile on page 3

If you don’t have access to a computer or Microsoft word, then write your answers on paper and send us a photograph.

Year 8

Introduction to Musical theatre:

  • Task 1

Watch this clip that explains the task

  • Task 2

Complete this work sheet:

Powerpoint link here:

  • Task 3

Send all work back to your music teacher by 27th April 3pm if you would like feedback

Year 9

Introduction to Minimalism

Usually at this point in the year, you would start preparing to do your first of two compositions, which are part of your GCSE coursework. And this year is going to be no different!

This composition will be a composition in a minimalist style. This first task will involve research about minimalism, and your second task is a small composition exercise on a website.

Minimalism is a style of music which originated on the West coast of America in the 1960s. It uses lots and lots of ostinato (repeated musical patterns).

If you have already completed this task then please email your teacher for an extension!

Task 1: Poster on minimalism

Do some online research about minimalism. Find out information on its:

  • Background & context
  • Musical elements
  • Famous composers & pieces

There is a lot of information about it out there. These are some great links to get you going:

Create a poster on minimalism. You can do this in whichever way you like – Microsoft word, publisher, PowerPoint, or even on plain paper. It must contain plenty of detailed information, and make it as colourful and decorative as possible. Include lots of images or drawings.

Task 2: composition exercise – minimalism style

Open this website:

Now click this link and watch the tutorials:

Compose a short piece in a minimalist style, using lots of ostinatos.

Watch this video on a demonstration of what to do in each task (all of you should watch this).

Year 10

Star Wars Revision task

  • Task 1:

Listen to the piece:

  • Task 2

Complete this work sheet:

Use this document to help