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20th April 2020


Students in 9PEXA should use the checklist which will be emailed out to them along with their work on Monday morning (6th April 2020).  Students will now be working on their LO4 – Evaluate the Impact of Technology in Sport.

The focus over the first week of the holidays should be on the following tasks:

  • An explanation of what Hawkeye is and how it has been adapted for a range of sports.
  • Why Hawkeye was introduced in Tennis, Football and Cricket, providing examples for each.
  • The traditions of sports, what were sports like before technology became more common in sports?

The focus for the second week of the Easter holidays should be on the following tasks:

  • How did National Governing Bodies react to the use of technology, was it positive or negative?
  • What are the main features of Hawkeye and how do these affect its usage?
  • What do you think is likely to happen to sport in the future if technology is still being used?

In addition the above, Mr Taylor will again be emailing students with their work, a PowerPoint and checklist for them to use as guidance when completing the tasks.

Deadline for submitting this work will be Monday 27th April 2020.


Submit work to:



10PEXA should use both the Single Leg Squat Test and Burpee Test PowerPoint’s to complete Sections 3 and 4 of their checklist (Test for each component of fitness – Strength - Single leg squat and Burpee test). In order to complete this task you will need to:

•            Explain what the test is – including details of how it is performed

•            Explain what type of athlete would use this test and why

•            Insert normative data table (graph to show national average)

•            Write your clients score and what category they fall into

•            Write a sentence on the reliability of the test

Deadline for submitting this section will be Monday 27th April 2020.

Submit to:


Year 11 CTECH PE

All coursework should now be complete and submitted to Ms Hay.  Ms Hay will contact students directly with specific feedback regarding tasks.

Any queries to: