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27th April 2020

This week’s work is below for your classes. You should also check your emails as some additional instructions from teachers may be sent. Remember to ask your subject teacher if you need any extra help or support with the work.

If you are worried about something, always get in touch with your teacher, Year Leader, Mr Jeffery or Ms Less who will help in any way they can.

Year 7 and 8 History

Up until May half term, you are not going to be using the work packs you were given before the school closed. Instead, you will be revising some of the really important questions you have learnt about in History since you joined Wembley High Technology College! You will need to know a lot of this information if you choose to do a GCSE in History, so it is excellent revision.

The first question we are going to be revising is the following:

“What was expected of medieval kings?”

In your first term of Year 7 you learnt about the medieval period, or the Middle Ages, and we mainly focused on the period from the 11th century to the 15th century.

TASK 1: Watch the following video, which introduces you to some of the most important things that was expected of a medieval monarch:  Task 1 Video

TASK 2: Click on the link below and download the document. You need to read the information on the document and answer the questions at the end. You must make sure you read the key words at the top of the information sheet before you begin, as you need to remember what they mean. There is also a bonus task for you to complete, and achievement points will be awarded to those of you who do this when school re-opens!

The document can be found here:  Task 2

Please aim to complete this work by 15.00pm on Friday 1 May 2020.

Your optional fortnightly project

Remember, over the next two weeks you also have an optional fortnightly project, which you can complete if you choose to. The project is to write a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about whether or not Oliver Cromwell’s statue outside Parliament should remain or be dismantled. More information on your project can be found using the following link: Optional Fortnightly project

Year 9 and 10 History

All GCSE History students in Years 9 and 10 should complete the following tasks (except students in 10Hi1).

Your work this week will take us back to revising Paper 1 Medicine, which you learnt about at the start of Year 9. We will focus on a revision summary of the first time period of the "Medicine in Britain (c.1250-today)" course - medieval England (c.1250-1500). The two questions we will revise this week are:

  1. Why did the Church have so much influence over medicine in medieval England?
  1. What did people in medieval England believe caused disease?

TASK 1: Click on the following links and watch the two revision videos: Video 1 _ Video 2

TASK 2: Click on the link below and download the Word Document. Your History teacher has also emailed this document to you:   Task 2

Make sure you read the first page of the document carefully, as this explains the different tasks you are expected to complete this week. In addition, please make sure you complete all tasks on the Microsoft Word document, in the space provided.

Please aim to email your completed work to your History teacher by 15.00pm on Friday 1 May 2020. If you will have any difficulties meeting this deadline, please let your class teacher know before the date and time above.



Ms Kaye



Work for 10Hi1

For your History work for this week, please check your emails from Mr Jackson. If you have not received an email by Tuesday 28 April, please email Mr Jackson directly on

Year 11 History & Year 11 Classics

Your teachers will contact you via email with work to complete this week.

Years 12 and 13 History

Your teachers will contact you via email with work to complete this week.