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27th April 2020

This week’s work is below for your classes. You should also check your emails as some additional instructions from teachers may be sent. Remember to ask your subject teacher if you need any extra help or support with the work.

If you are worried about something, always get in touch with your teacher, Year Leader, Mr Jeffery or Ms Lee who will help in any way they can.

Year 7 and Year 8 

This week you will be continuing with your independent research project and looking closer at Fauvism. Last week you should have explored what Fauvism was all about and how artist’s during this art movement created works. This week you must copy a piece of artwork by a Fauvist artist. Henri Matisse and Andre Derain are the most famous artist’s from this movement, so it might be a good idea to choose one of their works, but please ensure you choose an artwork that was created between 1905 and 1911. Obviously colour plays a huge roll in their artwork, so use the links below if you need help with understanding colour or colour blending techniques. 


Understanding colour:




Project outline:


You must send your teacher photographs of your work on Monday May 4th  by 3pm. 


Year 9 and Year 10

All KS4 students are completing different tasks depending on your discipline (Art and Design, Fine Art or Photography) and your coursework project. With this in mind, please follow the link that corresponds to your teacher to find out this weeks task. All deadlines are detailed within the documents. 


Miss Peynado


Miss Lee


Miss Donovan


Take care and please get in touch if you need any help at all.