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27th April 2020

This week’s work is below for your classes. You should also check your emails as some additional instructions from teachers may be sent. Remember to ask your subject teacher if you need any extra help or support with the work.

If you are worried about something, always get in touch with your teacher, Year Leader, Mr Jeffery or Ms Less who will help in any way they can.


Core (Years 7-11) and CTECH PE (Years 9-11)

The resources below are designed to support your child in their learning of the Core PE and CTECH PE content. The students will be required to check their emails from their specific teachers to ensure they stay on top of their assigned learning.  Emails from their teachers will contain more detailed instructions and resources that the students will need.



9PEXA should complete a worksheet after watching some videos relating to Basketball which will be emailed out to them on Monday morning (27.04.20). Students are now familiarising themselves with a range of different sports to help them with coursework over the coming school year. The focus this week should be on completing the following 3 tasks:

  1. Understand and familiarise yourself with a range of different rules in Basketball.
  2. Be able to talk about at least 2 Basketball players which you can use as examples in further coursework tasks.
  3. Understand that there are a range of different ways to score points and how much these are worth in a game.

I addition the above, students will be emailed on Monday morning with the worksheet they need to complete along with the videos which they are required to watch in order for them to be able to complete the work.

Deadline for submitting these will be Friday 1st May 2020

Submit work to:



This week 10PEXA should use the Single Leg Squat Test PowerPoint to complete Section 3 of their checklist (Test for each component of fitness – Strength - Single leg squat). In order to complete this task you will need to:

  • Explain what the test is – including details of how it is performed
  • Explain what type of athlete would use this test and why
  • Insert normative data table (graph to show national average)
  • Write your clients score and what category they fall into
  • Write a sentence on the reliability of the test

Deadline for submitting this section will be Friday 1st May 2020.

Submit to:


Year 11 CTECH PE

Students should be completing all outstanding coursework tasks or working to improve specific tasks using the feedback they have been given. Students will be contacted individually with feedback from tasks that have been submitted and will explain to them the areas that they need to work on.

Final date for submission: Friday 1st May 2020

Submit to: