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Links to other Schools

We believe that our students should complement their academic achievement by being well-rounded and moral citizens. Social development sits alongside academic excellence at the heart of the Wembley Multi Academy ethos. We offer a broad and stimulating range of extra-curricular activities to support wider learning, and we promote strong links with the local community. As a multicultural, multi-ethnic school we actively support the community in many different facets of school life.

School Links

We have strong links with Byron Court, Barham and Lyon Park primary schools where we are involved in sharing good practice and working with both students and teachers to improve the life chances of students in Brent.

We have developed extensive links with the highly prestigious St Paul’s Girls’ and Boys’ Schools – two of the country’s top private schools. A number of scholarships to these schools have been available over recent years.

Providing National Leadership

The CEO/ Executive Headteacher, Gill Bal is a National Leader of Education. Wembley High is a National Support School.

Wembley High has been recognised in the Schools for Success Awards, because of the high levels of progress and achievement of pupils. This new programme set up by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, recognises exceptional schools in the capital. The programme creates a network for schools to share best practice with others across London through events and school visits.

Due to our commitment to system leadership we work with many schools across the country. We have supported schools in moving from ‘requiring improvement’ to ‘good’. We have many visitors throughout the year and they visit to see what we do to achieve our high levels of outcomes.

We also share our expertise with school leaders from various countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA and the Netherlands. We are committed to working with others so that we can learn from best nationally and internationally.

At a local level, we provide strong local leadership by leading or being a member of key bodies such as: Brent Schools Partnership (which serves 80 Brent schools); Brent Secondary Heads’ Group; Brent Strategic School Effectiveness Partnership and many other groups.