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Additional Resources

Key Stage Three: Years 7 and 8

  1. Christianity: Holy Week and the final days in the life of Jesus
  2. Islam: Key beliefs and teachings including tawhid; the life of Muhammad; the Five Pillars
  1. Islam: Key beliefs and teachings including the nature of God; the role of angels; the role of prophets; life after death; the importance of the Qur’an

GCSE Religious Studies: Years 9 and 10

Specification – Religious Studies AQA A – Christianity and Islam

  • Paper 2: Thematic Studies – Relationships and Families; Religion and Life; Crime and Punishment; Human Rights and Social Justice
  • A range of educational videos about these themes can be found here:

Year 11 GCSE Eastern Philosophy

Specification - OCR Religious Studies GCSE

  • Paper 1: Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs, teachings and practices
  1. Buddhism -
  • Paper 2: Philosophy, religion and ethics in the modern world from the perspective of Buddhism

A-level Religious Studies

Specification - OCR Religious Studies