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1st June 2020

AS Economics - Short Run Production 
All of the lesson materials will be made available on Google Classroom on Wednesday. Please complete the following tasks.  
Lesson 1: Watch Specialisation and Division of Labour video and complete lesson slides 1 and 2 on the PowerPoint.
Lesson 2: Watch Short Run Production video 1 and complete slides 3 - 12 on the PowerPoint.
Lesson 3: Watch Short Run Production video 2 and complete slides 12 -  21 on the PowerPoint.
Lesson 4: Watch Short Run Production video 3 and complete slides 22 - 27 on the PowerPoint.
Homework: Complete 9 mark homework question and MCQs.
If you would prefer to take notes in your exercise books rather than using the PowerPoint slides that is absolutely fine.
Homework is due in on Wednesday 10th June.