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8th June 2020

Students in years 7 to 11 please press the following links for this week's assemblies:

Assembly 8 - The Killing of George Floyd and Protests Around the World.

Those of you who follow the news have probably heard about the protests, and we felt it was important to make an assembly explaining what is happening, why it is happening, and what you can do to learn more about this extremely serious topic. 

The assembly talks about violence and racism, and we wanted to give you the facts. If you want to talk to someone in school about these issues, please contact your Year Leader, or or we are here for you. 


Assembly 9 - Student Well-Being: Family

  • Make sure that you listen to the recording, read through the slides carefully, and complete all the activities.  The focus of this week’s assembly is on Student Well-being: 'Family’.

The learning objectives are to:

  • Consider the challenges in maintaining positive relationships with family durig the lockdown
  • Discuss some practical techniques you can use to best overcome these challenges

If you have any concerns please email or