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Summer Exams 2020

Updated 23rd August 2020 at 10.00

On Monday 17th August, the Government announced that for A Level, AS Level and GCSE exams this year, pupils will be awarded their Centre Assessed Grades (or their final grade received on Thursday 13th August if this is higher).  

All pupils in Year 11, 12 and 13 will now have received their final GCSE, AS Level and A Level grades. 

If you are in Year 13 and need further help with your university application and/or clearing, please contact Mr Martin or Ms Cruickshank as soon as possible.

For more information, please click here for the updated Student guide to post-16 qualifications results Summer 2020 published by Ofqual on 19th August 2020 and here for some common FAQs on the summer exams.


Centre Assessment and Final Grades 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, GCSE, AS Level, A Level and vocational exams did not take place as planned. Grades for all candidates were issued instead by exam centres. Following the Government announcement on Monday 17th August, it is these results that will be the final results. 


Autumn Exam Series

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the government’s priority has been to ensure that GCSE, AS and A level students could move to the next stage of their lives and that they would receive a grade that reflected their work.

For those who do not feel a centre assessment grade reflects their performance, the government have also provided the opportunity for students to sit that exam in the Autumn Term 2020. 

Autumn Exam Series Dates

The exam boards are to run a full exam series in the Autumn Term where all exams are available.

  • AS/A Level exams will take place between Monday 5th to Friday 23rd October 2020.
  • GCSE exams will take place between Monday 2nd to Monday 23rd November 2020.

The exam timetable will be published by exam boards in due course.

Please note that:

  • Students can only be entered into this exam series if they were entered to do so in the Summer 2020 exam series.
  • Students results will be based on their performance in the exams alone and not any non-examination assessment (with the exception of art and design qualifications).
  • Students entered in the Autumn exam series will have to prepare for their exam independently alongside their next course of study.

Autumn Exam Series Entry Requests and Deadlines

We will be accepting requests for students to enter in the AS or A2 Level Autumn Exam Series from Thursday 13th August 2020 and GCSE from Thursday 20th August 2020.

The deadlines for submitting entry request forms are;

  • AS/A Level – Friday 28th August
  • GCSE – Friday 11th September

If you wish to resit an exam in the Autumn series, you MUST discuss this with your teacher so we can support you best. They will submit an entry request form on your behalf.