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Latest COVID-19 Updates

Face Masks

Given the change in London's alert level from medium to high, from Monday 19 October 2020, face masks will be mandatory for all pupils and staff inside the school building where social distancing cannot be maintained and where there are non consistent groups. 

Pupils MUST wear a face mask at all times in public communal areas within the school building including corridors, assemblies, toilets, dining halls (unless seated to eat), libraries, etc. 

Face masks can be take off once pupils are seated in classrooms and also when seated in dining halls while eating. They must be worn at all other times. 

Unless exempt, all pupils must bring their own face masks to school and look after them carefully. Face masks should be plain in design and logo free and cover the mouth and nose and loop around the ears. They should be black, navy or white in colour. They should be washed and cleaned regularly. When they are not being used during the school day, they should be stored in plastic bags.  If using disposable masks, they should be plain in style and similar to those worn in hospitals.

General Reminders

  • Pupils MUST NOT come to school if they have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Pupils MUST NOT come to school while they are waiting for a test result. They can only return after 10 days of self-isolation or if the test result is NEGATIVE. 
  • Pupils MUST NOT come to school if ANYONE in your household has symptoms of COVID-19. The WHOLE HOUSEHOLD (including any children) MUST ISOLATE until the test result is known.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WHILE YOU WAIT FOR THE TEST RESULT. Pupils should only return to school if there is a NEGATIVE TEST result or the isolation period has passed.

We are aware of the issues around testing and the length of time it is taking. This is incredibly frustrating for everyone and I’m sure you will be anxious about the work your child is missing. However, it is important we ALL FOLLOW THE RULES to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible.

All learning materials for every lesson are available on MS Teams which your child should be able to access from home via a computer or smart device. Further information is available on the Pupil Info Section of our website.

What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19?

The school has robust steps in place to deal with a case of COVID-19. In conjunction with the DfE and Public Health England, a risk assessment will be carried out and we will take the necessary action to ensure pupils and staff remain as safe as possible. Whilst every case is different and the exact action will depend on the particular circumstances, below are some examples of the likely action the school will take:

  • Particular groups of pupils being sent home to isolate.
  • A whole class is sent home to isolate.
  • A whole year group is sent home to isolate. 

What does tier 2 mean for London?

In addition to tier 1, several other restrictions have been imposed. You can find full details here but the most significant is that households CANNOT mix with other households indoors (in homes, restaurants, etc). It is important that all members of the school community follow this advice. 

Further information for parents

Below are two documents from Brent Council which schools have been asked to circulate to parents and carers. The first is a letter from the Director of Public Health in Brent with the latest advice on the impact of coronavirus on children and when to seek a test and isolate. The second is a handy reference guide for different scenarios and what action you need to take. Please do read these carefully and follow them to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible.

Please click here for a letter from Brent Council

Please click here for a guide for parents

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.