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Home testing and reporting a positive result

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Click here to report a positive or void test result to the school. 

You will need your school login to complete the form. If your parent/carer is completing the form for you, please log in for them.

Click here to report your results to NHS Test and Trace.


From March 2021 pupils will be testing at home and have been provided with home test kits. 

Tests should take place EVERY SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY EVENING.  Please take your test by 6pm and let the school know immediately if you test POSITIVE. 

If you forget, don't worry. Take the test as soon as you remember again. 

The tests are easy to carry out and you will get your results within about 30 minutes. A few key reminders about your test.

  • Ensure you clean and sanitise the area you are using to do your test. 
  • You must not eat or drink in the 30 minutes prior to your test.
  • ALL test results MUST be reported to NHS Test and Trace.
  • If your test result if POSITIVE, you MUST report it to the school and start isolation.
  • If your test result is void, do another test. If you get two void results, stop testing. You should inform the school, isolate at home and book a PCR test. DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR RESULT. 
  • You do not need to report negative cases to the school. 

Click here for a video from the NHS on how to do a test at home.

Click here for more details on the home testing process.



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