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Special Consideration

If you feel there is any reason that will impact your performance in assessments this year for the summer 2021 exams, you MUST inform the school. This will be done through and online form.

This form is to be completed if you would like to raise a mitigating circumstance which you believe warrants special consideration during the Summer 2021 teacher grading process. 

A mitigating circumstance is a situation or incident that has impacted your ability to prepare for and/or complete your in-class assessments over the summer term and therefore you believe it should be taken into consideration when your teachers are providing grades for you. 

Some examples of mitigating circumstances which would warrant special considerations include but are not exclusive to:

- Bereavement 
- Isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test
- Isolation due to a being a close contact of a person with a positive COVID-19 test
- Shielding as requested by the government
- Diagnosis/management of a new medical condition
- Absence due to a long term illness
- Caring for a relative
- Cases of domestic violence or crisis

This form is NOT to raise a mitigating circumstance that has occurred during a specific assessment. For example, if you were absent for/felt unwell in an assessment. For these situations, please speak to your subject teacher directly who will make a note of it.  

This form will ask you to provide details of your mitigating circumstances and we may ask you to submit evidence to support your declaration at a later date.

We must be aware of your mitigating circumstance before the teacher grading process is completed so this form must be submitted by FRIDAY 28th MAY 2021

If you feel that you warrant special considerations based upon the information above, please complete this form and ensure you include all details. You will need to log in with your school email and password to complete the form and you can only complete it ONCE.


If there is any reason you cannot complete the form, you should email and ask for further help and/or guidance.