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We are delighted to share the success of our pupils in yet another year of exceptional results at GCSE, AS and A Level.

2023 marked the return of pre-pandemic grading standards for the first time since 2019. Despite the increased level of challenge, our provisional Progress 8 score of +1.40* shows that on average each student scored almost one and a half grades higher than they would have if they studied in an average school. 

We are incredibly proud of the hard work that our students put into their studies this year to prepare for success in external examinations and the increased level of challenge. We want to extend our gratitude to our teachers for their commitment to helping our students achieve highly and for going the extra mile and supporting them in realising their potential.  Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 have excelled despite the disruption to their education during the pandemic, demonstrating great determination and resilience. Below are some of the highlights:

Year 11 GCSEs

  • 51% of exams were awarded 9-7 grades, that’s 1,095 individual qualifications at grade 9-7 standard!
  • 83% of all GCSEs (1,785 qualifications) were awarded 9-5 grades
  • 164 out of 213 students achieved grades 9-5 in English and Maths GCSEs
  • 84% of students achieved grades 9-5 in English Literature with 44% achieving grades 9-7
  • 71% of students achieved grades 9-5 in English Language with 32% achieving 9-7
  • 82% of students achieved grades 9-5 in Maths with 51% achieving 9-7. A total of 68 students out of 213 achieved grade 8s and 9s!
  • 49% of all Science exams were grades 9-7 including 54 grade 9s!
  • 101 out of 213 pupils achieved 5 or more grades 9-7
  • 48 out of 213 students achieved 10 or more grades 9-7
  • 30% of our cohort achieved 12 or more GCSEs. Only 0.1% of students nationally achieved this
  • Congratulations to the 8 students who achieved 10 or more grade 9s!

A Level

  • 37% of exams were awarded A*/A grades, including 56 A*s and 103 As
  • 59% of exams were awarded A*-B grades
  • 31 students achieved at least 3 A grades
  • Congratulations to the 7 students who achieved 3 A* grades
  • The overall pass rate remains 100%

Currently, over 40% of students have secured places at Russell Group universities including Cambridge, Imperial College London and The London School of Economics. 55% of students are studying at a UK Top 40 university and seven students have secured places to study Medicine or Dentistry.

We wish them the best of luck in the next stage of their education.

AS Level

  • 54% of exams were awarded A-B grades
  • 73% of exams were awarded A-C grades
  • The overall pass rate is at 94%
  • 40 students achieved at least 3 A grades, and particular congratulations to the 21 students who achieved four A grades.

Many congratulations to all pupils on another year of fantastic results.

*Please note that these figures differ from those which will be published the DfE website. This is because our students take several of their examinations early, achieving the highest grades possible in subjects such as Maths, English Literature, Geography, Spanish and RS in Years 9 and 10, before going on to more challenging courses in Year 11. This curriculum model has been a feature of our school for many years and represents the high level of ambition that we hold for our students. It is popular with our students, their teachers and their parents. It allows our students to be entered when they are ready for success and creates opportunities for them to study additional subjects such as Additional Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Latin, Astronomy and Classical Civilisation as fast track one-year GCSE courses in Year 11. This ensures that students are prepared for further success in Key Stage 5 and that their applications to the best universities in the world are highly competitive. 

Due to the pandemic, the Year 11 headline figures reported by the Department for Education (+1.13) do not include the results which our students achieved during 2021 and are therefore differ from our figures above. Our statistics above show what our students actually achieved by the end of Year 11.