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Early Careers Framework (ECF)

From September 2021, the Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms will entitle all early career teachers to a fully funded, two-year package of structured training and support linked to the best available research evidence.

Coupled with the ITT Core Content Framework, the ECF will establish an entitlement to a three-year structured and evidence-informed package of support for all new teachers at the start of their careers.

Please find the Department of Education’s overview of the Early Career Framework Reforms here.

Please note that the DfE has announced (as a part of the Recovery Programme) further funding to ensure that places will be available for schools who wish their ECTs to be on the Full Induction Programme.

Please email us the details of your ECTs so that they can be registered for the Full Induction Programme.

We are working with the Ambition Institute to deliver the ECF programme. Details of the Ambition Institute Programme can be found here.

The next steps are as follows:

  • We will pass on your details to Ambition and Ambition will inform the DfE that you have decided for your ECT to follow Ambition’s full induction programme.
  • The DfE will contact your induction tutor via the online service, asking them to confirm the number of ECTs for September 2021.

To view our ECT Induction Policy, click here.

If you are interested in an ECT and mentor place or have any queries, please email


Latest News - Ambition ECF Module Flexibility

Your feedback is extremely important to us. There have been a few schools who have identified that in terms of their ECTs they would like more flexibility. As a result, the NWLTSH have negotiated with Ambition a second option. This will allow schools, if they choose, to access all the modules across the 2 year Induction Programme now! Click here for more information.

Registering your School (DfE online service)

Schools will have received an email from the DfE relating to the new statutory induction for Early Career Teachers starting in September 2021. The email from the DfE sent to the GIAS address includes a school specific link to an online service that has been put in place to help schools manage the new programme. Schools can access the online service here.

Schools are required to:

  • indicate whether they will be following the core or full induction programme 
  • nominate an induction tutor

If your school wishes to run their own programme based on the ECF you do not need to register your school.