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Early Careers Framework (ECF)

Teachers deserve high-quality support throughout their careers, particularly in those first years after ITT when the learning curve is steepest. The Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms entitles all early career teachers (ECTs) to a fully-funded, two-year package of structured training and support linked to the best available research evidence.

Information about the Department of Education’s Early Career Framework Reforms can be found here.

There are 3 types of ECF Programme a school may choose to follow:

  • Full Induction Programme (FIP) - training is organised and delivered to your ECTs and Mentors by a Delivery Partner (e.g The North West London Teaching School Hub) using Lead Provider (e.g Ambition Institute) DfE accredited materials 
  • Core Induction Programme (CIP) - training is delivered in school using Lead Provider DfE accredited materials
  • School-led induction (SIP) - the schools design and deliver their own ECF-based programme

The North West London Teaching School Hub works with Ambition Institute as its lead partner for the delivery of the 2-year Full Induction Programme (FIP) covering the Early Career Framework. Details of the Ambition Institute Programme can be found here.

The recent Outstanding Ofsted inspection report highlights a huge number of strengths: ‘ECTs are exceptionally well supported by Ambition Institute. A culture of learning permeates at every level. Leaders are fully committed to ensuring that the programme prepares ECTs extremely well for the reality of teaching and enables them to meet the needs of all pupils’; ‘The programme is meticulously planned with carefully considered design choices at all stages’; ‘Ambition Institute’s programme builds on ECTs’ individual starting points, enabling them to rapidly develop their expertise’; ‘The quality of training is exceptionally high’.

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Ambition Institute and the robustness of the programme our ECTs and mentors are benefitting from!

If you are interested in training to deliver Early Career Framework clinics and / or conferences on behalf of the NWLTSH and Ambition Institute as a Visiting Fellow, please sign up via our form here.

Key information


Read the Key ECT registration information.

Register your ECTs and Mentors on the Department for Education portal here.
Your Headteacher or Induction Lead will have been provided access to the online portal by the DfE. 
Please note: Headteachers and the nominated Induction Lead for your school should have a login to the DfE portal. If you do not have access, please email the DfE on: providing your school’s name and URN to request a login.


We work with a large number of partners across the London Boroughs of Brent, Barnet and Enfield to deliver our training. Your ECTs and Mentors will be placed in a local, stage-appropriate cluster group to receive their training and depending on your school's location and setting, the exact training dates will vary. The final dates for sessions will be communicated as soon as they are available. 


The ECF is not an assessment tool and does not replace a school’s chosen Appropriate Body assessment process. Click here to find out more about our Appropriate Body Service.


All state schools offering statutory induction will receive additional funding to deliver the Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms. This includes:

  • Funding for 5% off timetable in the second year of induction for all early career teachers (additional to the 10% in the first year)
  • Funding for time for mentors to spend with early career teachers in the second year of induction

A single payment will be made in the summer term of the second year of induction, based on the number of ECTs commenced each term in that academic year. This data will be collected through the school workforce census. If an ECT leaves the school after the first year, the new school gets the funding.

Funding for

Inner London

Outer London











Mentor’s Unit Cost (Years 1 & 2 – time off timetable for training)

England (excluding the London Area)

Inner London Area

Outer London Area

Fringe Area

36h cost (2 years of training)





Additional funding for schools using a provider-led programme (FIP) for the time mentors of early career teachers will spend on training. This will consist of 36 hours of backfill time over two years per mentor. Funding for this programme will be paid directly to schools.

For information on funding amounts/ formulas and mechanisms, please visit Early career framework reforms overview

There is no charge to schools irrespective of whether they are designing and delivering their own school-based programme or delivering the CIP or FIP.

For any other queries, please email