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16-19 Study Programmes

  • All students funded through the 16 to 19 funding methodology are enrolled on a study programme which combines AS and A Level qualifications and other activities and is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals.
  • All study programmes have a core aim. This is tailored to the needs of the individual and includes 3 or 4 AS and A Level qualifications in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, Further Maths, Psychology, Sociology and/or Spanish.
  • All study programmes include one additional hour of Personal Development per week to ensure that students are supported in their applications to universities and degree level apprenticeships. Students also learn how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century maturely and safely. In addition, students continue to develop their understanding of RSHE topics that are age appropriate and deepen their understanding of citizenship and British Values.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to apply to the Migrant Leaders programme, where they receive bespoke mentoring from someone at CEO level or above in a FTSE 100 company. This is a key way in which work experience is organised for our students. 
  • Our careers advisor supports students undertaking work experience as a part of their 16-19 study programme.

Qualification (585+ hours)

  • Year 12: up to 4 AS Levels (195 hours x 3 AS Levels = 585 hours or 195 x 4 AS Levels = 780 hours)
  • Year 13: 3 A Levels (195 hours x 3 = 585 hours)

Non-Qualification (80+ hours)

  • Tutor time or assembly every morning (15 minutes per day, 1 hour 15 minutes per week x 40 weeks)
  • Support with UCAS applications and progression planning
  • PD lessons (1 hour per week x 40 weeks)
  • Mandarin lessons (1 hour per week x 40 weeks)
  • Additional intervention in subjects every week
  • Visiting speaker programme
  • Student Council
  • Sports clubs and societies (participation is optional, so the hours accrued vary by the learner.