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Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities

Our aim is to offer a wide variety of rich experiences for all pupils. We do this through enrichment activities within our curriculum offer as well as through the provision of a wide-ranging set of extracurricular activities and clubs for all year groups.

We encourage as many pupils to attend as possible and ensure we offer something for everyone. We also encourage pupils to set up and lead their own clubs to support their individual interests.

Enrichment Opportunities 

Please click here for how our details on how we enrich the curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

Below is the list of extracurricular clubs that we currently offer, broken up into various categories. As new clubs are added to this list, we will update the details below accordingly. If you need any further information about our extracurricular clubs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing

For more information, please click on the brochure below

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Animation Club

Architecture Club

Art History Club

Baking Club

Cultural Art Club

RA Young Artists Painting

Sculpture Club

Sewing/Textile Club

Language & Communication

Advanced Spanish Language Club

Culture Club

Drama Club

First Story Club


Mandarin Club

Mock Trial Club

Spanish Conversation Club

Spelling & Translation Bee


Performing Arts





Basketball Club

Cheerleading Club

Cricket Club

Football Club

Netball Club


Astronomoy Club

Chemistry Club

Chess Club

CREST Science Club

Geoscience Club

Graphing Club

Puzzle Club

Python and Scratch Club





Enterprise Club

Friendship Club

History Club

Humanities Club

Orienteering Club

Philosophy Club